Real time Ultrasound


Real time ultrasound is used by therapists at Complete Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy as both a diagnostic and feedback tool. Real time ultrasound allows us to visualise soft tissue structures in the body. The information gathered by the real time ultrasound can be used for functional retaining for a variety of conditions such as incontinence, core strengthening and low back pain. Ultrasound is recognised as being safe as a therapeutic modality.

Visualisation of the bladder lift is used to assess the muscle contraction of the pelvic floor muscles which are a component of the core muscles. The bladder is most easily viewed if it is full. If your therapist recommends the use of real time ultrasound to assess you pelvic floor muscle contraction, please:

  • Drink 500ml of fluid 1 hour prior to your appointment time. This can be any fluid such as water, milk or juice.
  • If you need to empty your bladder within an hour of your appointment, attempt to void a small amount only.
  • Do not become distressed about keeping your bladder full. If you need to void, you should do so. If you become extremely uncomfortable or experience pain, you should empty your

Please note:

  • Your therapist at Complete Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy is not a qualified Sonographer and thus is unable to comment on conditions other than those mentioned above.