PJUR Silicone Based Lubricant


Silicone based lubricant offers a longer lasting lubrication and should be used to add additional moisture when needed. PJUR Silicone based lubricant is a hypersensitive skin product and is a CE- certified medical product made of high quality silicone that cannot be absorbed through the pores of human skin. It is preservative free, dermalogically tested and confirmed, free form colours, perfumes, fats and oils, paraffin and paraben free, spermicidal substance free and latex condom tested and certified.

Every woman is unique. The use of silicone lubricant can help provide added moisture to vaginal tissues to improve the sensation during sexual activity.

Remember that you may have a complex issue internally that will not be treated with personal lubricants. You may need to consult your general practitioner if symptoms persist such as itching, pain, burning, soreness and continued dryness.

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