Malem Bedwetting Alarms


The Malem Alarm is designed to maximize effectiveness by providing a combination of sounds and vibrations to suit the need of the bed wetter. The alarm is attached to the night clothing of the bedwetter and will activate when moisture is detected on the alarms moisture sensitive sensor. Repetitive waking by the alarm will train the brain overtime to allow automatic control over the bladder. The alarm is both comfortable and discrete. It is easy to clean, lockable and detachable. The alarm comes with the moisture sensitive sensor, alarm body, long lasting replaceable batteries, instruction booklet and 8 vibrational tones that are interchangeable. It is recommended that bedwetters are thoroughly assessed by the Physiotherapists at Complete Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy to determine if there are any additional treatment methods that can enhance the use of the alarm.

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Price: $230  Postage: $8.25

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